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2 April 2024

Take big steps with Team Training!

The new ICP Team Training (2024-2026) starts with an introduction day on April 20! Register via if you want to participate or if you want to take a look first. The team training is intended for intercultural leadership teams and suitable for all kinds of different phases. Whether you are starting a new church plant or you have been on your way for a while and are looking for depth and development, the ICP Team Training has an impact on your team and on the walk you take together.

“I wouldn’t know how Taste! would have looked like without the Team Training, because we made great strides during these weekends.” (Pieter-Jan Rodenburg, Taste! Delft)

Read here how the ICP Team Training helped the Taste! team! Delft:. Pieter-Jan tells:

It is difficult to overestimate how much ICP team training helps us as Taste! have meant. Before we joined the ICP training, we had gone through a similar process; in the Navigators LEF variant. Even then we discovered how valuable it is to get away from everyday life for a weekend and have the time to focus on the question: where do we want to go? And how are we going to do that?

Every weekend we received building blocks that help us as Taste! have formed. We received solid input, which helped us take steps that we would not have taken otherwise. For example, the decision to focus more on prayer. A very practical result of this is our ‘pray and thank you’ app, which occupies a very valuable place in our community.

Or the step of asking all residents of the residential community to taste Taste! to let your church be. That was a big step for us at the time, but team training taught us that it was good and important to take that step and how we could best do it.

And we have also grown as a team. The time you spend together, the conversations you have, the relaxation, the praying together: it has made us as a team become who we are. Especially in turbulent times, the team training sessions were oases to connect with each other and with God.

I wouldn’t know how to Taste! would have looked like without the team training, because we made great strides during these weekends.