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The team

ICP exists thanks to a number of experienced, committed and hopeful people. Get to know the core team, the board and the other employees.

The core team

The core team of ICP Nederland consists of men and women from different cultural backgrounds who have experience and knowledge in the field of intercultural community building.

  • Hans Euser, network leader
  • Carolien Euser, network leader
  • Anne-Marie Dane, team member
  • Michele Atsma, team member

The Board

The board of the ICP Foundation has four members who meet each quarter to discuss the direction and progress of the work.

  • Beppie Wessels, chairman
  • Raffic Osman, general board member
  • Rick Wan, general board member
  • Hans Wulffraat, secretary


The other ICP employees are responsible for a specific part of the organisation.

  • Corina Mushikangondo, trainer intercultural marriages
  • Claude Mushikangondo, trainer intercultural marriages and co-worker ICP-worship
  • Paul Hagayi, co-worker and trainer ICP-worship
  • Coen Legemaate, intervision supervisor
  • Sara van der Toorn, trainer
  • Rien van der Toorn, trainer and intervision supervisor
  • Judit Blom, project co-worker Racism and the Church
  • Godwin Arhin, project co-worker Racism and the Church

Getting to know eachother?

Feel free to contact us.