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The ICP network was established in 2005. Church planter Theo Visser had gained experience with the start of the International Christian Fellowship Rotterdam. Amsterdam, and later also Apeldoorn and Utrecht, asked for help and support in the formation of comparable intercultural religious communities. When Hope for North Amsterdam and the ICF churches of Utrecht and Apeldoorn came into being, the network was also born.


Hans and Carolien Euser took over twelve years after the start in 2017. They had gained experience of pastoring in Evangeliegemeente De Regenboog and were familiar with intercultural pioneering through the faith community they started, ICF Veenendaal. Under their leadership, the number of training courses, cooperation partners and affiliated churches grew. The network leaders also formed a team that shared responsibility for the further development of ICP. You can find out how things went annually in the past period on the ANBI page where the annual reports are collected.

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