As a network, we also offer the opportunity to invite speakers for a speech. This can be done on Sundays or at other times. Below you will find an overview with a short biography of the speakers as well as a contact form to show your interest in a particular speaker. We will then contact you again and facilitate the process. 

Walid Al-Asa'ad

Walid came to the Netherlands with his wife Afaf and daughters Grace (15) and Joy (12) in 2015. Before that, they lived in Syria. Walid has been pastor of the Arab-Dutch church ICF Oasis in Amersfoort since April 2017. He is also a second-year theology master’s student at the University of Kampen (Utrecht). Afaf currently works as a biology teacher at Guido MBO school in Amersfoort and gives catechism to the teenagers in ICF Oasis Amersfoort.

Walid gives weekly language lessons in two AZCs in Amersfoort and he preaches regularly in both Arabic and Dutch churches. Together with his wife, they have a company that provides integration courses to refugees in the municipality of Amersfoort. 

Watch a sermon by Walid here

Samuel Ekpo

Samuel lives in Spijkenisse and is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Throne of David in Zoetermeer. In this congregation he holds the position of pastor. He also works for the Dutch-Flemish Bible Society as a relationship manager for migrant and international churches. Samuel is a theologian, teacher and researcher. His expertise is in pastoral care, dementia health and elder care. He writes articles, newsletters and blogs.

Samuel speaks English and also increasingly Dutch and is available for classes, preaching, workshops, counseling and spiritual care. Samuel also sees himself as a bridge builder between migrant churches and Dutch congregations.

patrick janine
Patrick and Janine van der Plaat

Patrick van der Plaat is part of the ICP team. Originally he is Dutch but after wanderings as a pastor in Brazil (10 years) and Australia (5 years) he has gained a lot of intercultural experience. Together with his Brazilian wife Janine and three children, Joshua, Rebecca and Sara, they now live in Amstelveen.

In addition to ICP, Patrick preaches around the country both inside and outside the ICP network. Janine is a teacher at an international school and also a parent consultant. Patrick has published the book Kingdom Identity which is about your identity in Christ.

Watch a sermon by Patrick here

Watch a sermon by Janine here

Alexander Emoghene

Alexander Emoghene is the founder of Claypot Church International along with his wife Judith. This congregation grew into a vibrant church of different generations, cultures and nations. The cultural diversity in this congregation is readily apparent. The LEAD Festival is the best known gathering where many people are touched with a powerful message.

Alexander is not only ordained as a pastor. He is also a teacher with a message of the Kingdom of God. His pioneering spirit and work has had its impact in countries outside the Netherlands, such as Malawi, Uganda, Curacao and Kenya.

In addition, Alexander is a writer of mostly practical and inspiring books. He is the carrying force behind “Digging Wells,” a platform that helps as a springboard for entrepreneurs. Alexander speaks regularly at forums and conferences on leadership and entrepreneurship.

Watch a sermon by Alexander here

Sara en Rien
Rien en Sara van der Toorn

Rien is the founder of i2i. He studied Non-Western sociology and did research in Africa and the Middle East. He has been training Dutch organizations in intercultural communication for almost 30 years and teaches international groups at various educational institutions. He immersed himself in the lifeworlds of different ethnic groups such as Syrians and Eritreans, is an expert on the Afghan and Iranian communities, and is therefore fluent in Farsi and Dari. He is seen as a bridge builder between diverse populations.

Sara is a co-founder of i2i. She hails from the Middle East. As an intercultural trainer and counselor, she helps groups and individuals further in understanding themselves, their (inter)cultural values, Dutch society and in successful integration.

Rien and Sara have developed an acculturation method that helps native Dutch people and Dutch people with a migration background to understand which values behind a culture can lead to which forms of behavior and communication. As a result, the newcomer feels more at home and the Dutchman understands himself better.

Watch a sermon by Rien here

Watch a sermon by Sara here

Hans Euser
Hans Euser

Hans is the current network leader of ICP. Since coming to know Jesus, he has enjoyed speaking to groups about missional living and colorful church being. He also teaches regularly, including from the Old Testament. He can really enjoy the richness of God’s Word and then passing it on to others.

Watch a sermon by Hans here

Filemon Peroti
Thabiso Ditsele

Filemon is a dreamer and loves people, God and music. With the ADEM Project his dream came true: touching today’s generation with New Gospel. Besides being a musician and songwriter, he is also a much sought-after speaker in the Netherlands and known from the TV program G-Time. Filemon regularly speaks on topics such as worship, racism and spiritual growth. Filemon lives in Zoetemeer.

Watch a sermon by Filemon here

Thabiso is from South Africa and came to the Netherlands in 2015 with his wife Eline and son David who is now 12. Before that, they were missionaries in Panama. They are further blessed with two more children, Daniel (7) and Joy (5). Thabiso worked for Operation Mobilization in South Africa for 12 years, Panama and the Netherlands before leaving OM in late 2022.

Thabiso and Eline worked with Fred Kappinga and his family and members of ICF Rotterdam Noord, starting in 2019 . Thabiso then moved to Spijkenisse and in 2022 they also left ICF Rotterdam Noord to join the Michael congregation in Spijkenisse. Thabiso currently works for the Salvation Army and also speaks at various churches.

Watch a sermon by Thabiso here (from 42 min)

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