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Our vision

ICP is called to the colorful Kingdom of God in the multicultural Netherlands and is therefore helping to build hundreds of new, intercultural faith communities through a training center, knowledge base and network of churches.

The Netherlands is getting more colorful

According to CBS forecasts, the number of people with a migration background is increasing. In 2019, there were 4.2 million people of 200 different nationalities in the Netherlands, a quarter of the population. In 2060, the number will rise to 7.6 million, or 39% of the population. Among them are already a million Muslims and just as many migrant Christians.

Tensions and opportunities

Not only are the tensions increasing in society, the opportunities for the Kingdom of God are also increasing. Followers of Jesus can work as peacemakers. They follow in the footsteps of a refugee who calls for the welcome of strangers and even the love of enemies.

There is a lot to discover

The Church is called to witness without limits in word and deed. There are so many missionary opportunities. Everyone wants to be seen, known and loved. There is a strong need for this especially among new Dutch citizens. Moreover, in theological sense there is much to discover; after all, it is together with all saints that we are able to know God’s love. We can grow in various unity. The church has something to give and may receive.

Imagine …

… that in every major city there is a place where fellow citizens and Dutch people meet regularly. Where they sing, pray, celebrate, laugh, learn together. Where loneliness gives way to compassion. Where peoples find peace and reconciliation. Where a network of deep and meaningful relationships is created. Where language is practiced, culture is tasted and parties are celebrated. Where you can be who you are and experience unity in diversity thanks to Jesus who reconciles God and people.

A blessing for the Netherlands

This will be a blessing to the Church as it comes to know the Lord in a new way. It will bring peace to Dutch society where there is a need for harmony. And it will have an effect on a whole world of contacts with family and friends abroad, because you can bet that this good news will be passed on!

So …

… as ICP we go for it: we encourage and support intercultural community building. In every neighborhood or city where more than 10,000 people with a migration background live, we see an intercultural church emerging. This concerns 400 churches in 75 Dutch towns and that number will grow to more than 700 intercultural churches in the next forty years.

Getting to know eachother?

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