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ICP network connects churches and people. Together we build the colorful Kingdom of God on earth. Here you will find vacancies within the network or you can make an appeal for new people in new places.

Blend is looking for employees

Do you believe in the power of connection? Do you know about tackling? Do you have a heart for God
and people? Then the BLEND Bloemhof foundation is looking for you! We are a missionary
company in Rotterdam South. With our offer of business, care and meaning, we contribute
contribute to the prosperity of the neighbourhood. In addition to our existing team, we are looking for three part-time employees (0.2 FTE, m/f)

A sales associate (Business)
A social worker (Care)
A missionary co-worker (Meaning)

Read the full vacancy here to discover if this is something for you.

Before August 15, 2023, send a video with your motivation (or a letter of application) and CV to
Hans & Carolien Euser via 06 36015061 and feel free to ask your questions!

Vacancies: ICP connects

Are you looking for a new employee for your church/organization or are you looking for a great job in the colorful kingdom of God? Feel free to contact us without obligation. ICP is happy to help make the right connections and put everyone in their place.

Open sollicitation?

Please feel free to contact us.