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Being an intercultural church is something you want to experience, not only as a local faith community, but in connection with the entire body of Christ. ICP organizes network days. We also like to visit the local churches.

Network days

We meet each other during the network days of ICP. To share experiences, encourage and inspire each other. To pray and grow together. Meeting and connection are central. Usually the network days are organized around a specific theme, with expert speakers, various workshops and of course worship and interaction.

Sermons / Teachings

Are you looking for inspiring biblical education for the church that wants to delve (further) into intercultural congregation building? Then you can let ICP know. In addition to speakers from our own team, there is a database of people who are available for a talk or sermon in the local church.

Theme days

ICP wants to be available for advice and guidance on every aspect of being church. A number of activities are organized annually especially for the network that deal with a specific component or theme. Consider, for example, the Songs2Serve Training Day on intercultural worship.
Are there any themes or areas of being church that your church would like to learn or experience more about? Then let us know!

Another question?

Please feel free to contact us.