We want more color in the church.

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The theme of racism evokes feelings of pain, shame and resistance. Even within the church. How do we start with real change?
Discover together what God is asking of us as a church in this multicultural society. In three conversations you will learn about prejudice and racism. You watch honest stories from people with different cultural backgrounds. And you will open the bible together to listen to what God tells us about this theme.

Study material in order to stimulate the dialogue

Would you like to lead a small group yourself?

With this material of ICP your preparation is done in no time.
We have developed three ready-to-go lessons. Through video our presenter Godwin Arhin begins and ends the lessons. The material is very diverse, with video, audio, Bible study and assignments. In the special manual for group leaders there is plenty of extra information and practical tips.

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ICP is called to the colorful kingdom of God and therefore helps to build intercultural faith communities throughout the Netherlands through an offer of training, personal equipment and the formation of a network.

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