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Two-year ICP training for teams

The two-year ICP team training is intended for any team engaged in intercultural community building. Have you just started church planting and are running into all sorts of questions? Or have you been on the road for a while, but do you want to rethink the whole process of being an intercultural church? Then this route is really something for you!

Who and how?

This training is intended for leadership teams (2-6 people) of starting churches and missionary congregations. Together with other teams, you will spend two years thinking through different themes. The trip consists of the following parts:

1. A preparatory day

You start with a preparatory day of personal introduction. We then map out why you want to get started (motives), with whom (team), where (context), in what way (church model) and how (practical implementation regarding finances, PR, etc.). You get a good impression of the training and then decide whether you want to join.

2. Four training weekends

You will visit four training weekends from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon at the Promised Land in Voorthuizen around the themes a) mission, b) discipleship, c) leadership and d) multiplication. Each weekend consists of evaluation, inspiring stories, prayer, testimonies and plenty of team time in which you can make concrete plans.

3. Monthly coaching

The team leaders receive monthly coaching where T.I.P.S are given: Theological, Intercultural, Personal and Spiritual tools for practice. We meet online and discuss the progress of the work and a personal case of one of the participants.

4. Access to the training platform

The entire team always has access to in-depth materials and additional training via ICP’s Online Training Platform. The recordings, PowerPoint and assignments of the training weekends are also published there.

Experiences of others

Read how others have experienced this training and what they have learned from it.
Discover what this training can do for you.

"Team training has become an indispensable part of our equipment in recent years. We have learned many great lessons. The subjects fitted exactly into the issues we were working on as a leadership team."
René Visser
Participant in 2018-2019 with his team from KenHem Ede
“We follow the ICP team training with our people from the Intercultural missionary work of Stichting Gave. The weekends are well taken care of. There is time for teaching, for praise & worship as well as plenty of opportunity to spend time together as a team. A number of key words that describe these weekends are: topical, educational, inspiring, enriching and intercultural.”
Arie van Leeuwen
Team leader missionary workers Gave and participant of the training in 2019-2021
“I wouldn't know how Taste! would have looked like without the Team Training, because we made great strides during these weekends. We received solid input, which helped us take steps that we would not have taken otherwise. And we have also grown as a team. The time you spend together, the conversations you have, the relaxation, the praying together: it has made us as a team who we are."
Pieter-Jan Rodenburg
Participant of the training in 2022-2024 with his team from 'Taste Delft'

Where and when?

The training is given in four weekends spread over two years (each in April and October). The next round will start in April 2022 with the introduction day and in October 2022 with the first weekend.