Celebrate the worship team!

An experience to share: the birthday party of the worship team of ICF-Noord in Rotterdam…

It may sound crazy, but I had never experienced it before. Typical Dutch down-to-earthness perhaps… If anyone believes in the importance of worship in church, it is me. But it had never occurred to me to celebrate the birthday of a worship team. While celebrating someone’s birthday we honor the value of someone’s life and pay attention to someone we consider important. All good reasons to celebrate the birthday of a worship team. Suddenly it is very clear.

In ICF-Noord in Rotterdam I attended the second anniversary of the worship team on January 25. It was a special evening in which ICP allowed me to inspire the team and in which the ICF-Noord team taught me something new and encouraged me. So WIN-WIN.

Why worship?

We talked about what it takes to experience unity and unconditional acceptance in a diverse group of people. In worship you will find the place where you can learn to see yourself with the eyes of God. There is no room for awkward self-consciousness, which often leads to shame and insecurity. Self-awareness creates distance instead of connection. It is the core problem that arose in the garden of Eden. There man became aware of himself, his own nakedness. The result was that man hid from God, but also from others and perhaps even from himself. When we look at ourselves, we all find reasons to keep our distance…

Worship is the place where God offers you safety in His presence and where you are fully focused on Him. Where shame will not color your face and where uncertainty has no right to speak. When you look at your environment from that place, your view is determined by God’s love and unconditional acceptance. Then you are so connected to God that you are better able to connect with others. No matter how different the others are.

Why celebrate?

Found on the internet: “Birthdays are important because they give the birthday person a day to feel special and notice how much the people around them love them.”
Yes, the worship team should feel special and should certainly notice that the congregation loves them and is grateful for their service.

And do you know this statement? “What you pay attention to grows.” Yes, the team in ICF-Noord is also a testimony to this. Take care of these people, give them space to develop. Celebrate with them exuberantly that they are special and that they have grown. Sometimes the best way to celebrate is with a feast and a real birthday cake!

Why should you surround worship and the worship team at your church with attention and care?

Here you can read what a local worship leader and the pastor experience.

Carlos (worshipleader ICF-North Rotterdam):
Well, the team evening on the 25th was a reflection of the commitment of the leadership of the worship team and the church to nurture unity amongst us, especially because we are a very diverse church. It is also a way to show the importance of the worship team in everything we do. That’s why I think it’s important for church leaders to consider worship as a core element in everything that is done in the church. Because through worship we are able to serve the lives of other people, reinforce what is taught in the Bible, and create an environment for prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit. In addition, worship is a great way to nurture fellowship and to represent each other’s culture.

Fred Kappinga (Pastor ICF-North Rotterdam):
Our worship team celebrated its two-year anniversary. ICP has coached our team from the start and now Anne-Marie came to inspire us again. She always knows how to strike the right tone for us, through her rich practical experience and her noticeable love for the heart of worship.

View the message on the ICF-Noord website here . The ICF worship team turns 2!

Are you also interested in attention, support or training for your worship team or for the congregation or for leadership, and are you looking for tailor-made advice? Then you can contact ICP by email: office@icpnetwork.nl

Here you will find more information about ICP-worship and what we can do for you:

March 5 Regional lunch in Rotterdam

The next ICP regional lunch is already on the agenda: mark it down and make time for it!

Love between two cultures

Regional lunch on March 5, from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM in Rotterdam (Blend BLEND Bloemhof)!

What can you expect?
The theme is: “Love between two cultures.”
There is a special guest.
A new book is presented.
There is time for meeting and connecting with others.
There is room to share expertise and experience.
It is a place for encouragement and worship.
And of course a delicious lunch is also planned!


You can register via office@icpnetwork.nl or call 010 304 2019.
We look forward to seeing you!

ICP regularly organizes a regional lunch for pastors, pioneers and church leaders in our network. Would you like to know more about previous regional lunches? Click here…ICP regional lunch is highly recommended! – ICP Network

Intercultural Marriage and Marriage Pastoral Training

Why should a church invest in guidance for intercultural couples? In this article, learn about Claude and Corina Mushikangondo’s training and the experiences of fellow pastors within the ICP network…

In recent years, Claude and Corina Mushikangondo have provided training and workshops on the Intercultural Marriage Relationship and Intercultural Marriage Chaplaincy to pastoral workers and intercultural couples at various locations within our network. They are experts themselves 😉 and both have a lot of heart for God’s multi-colored church. Corina has completed her training (EFT) and is working on a booklet about Intercultural Pastoral Care with mixed couples.

ICP believes that the relationships and marriages in our churches are important and valuable to families and to the church. In an intercultural marriage the challenges can sometimes be great and then we can help each other. We would like to encourage all pastors and pioneers to pay attention to intercultural marriages and the care of this precious covenant between people.

You can contact Corina without obligation (tel. 0628812666) to investigate what she can do for you in this area.

We asked two pastors, who have worked with Claude and Corina, to tell us why as a church you should want to invest in this training?

Response from ICF Utrecht (Pastor Jasper de Kok):

We experienced this as very positive. Claude and Corina visited us once and organized one separate session from a distance. At this first session there were 15 intercultural couples present, at the second ten or eleven. This mainly concerns Dutch-African and Dutch-Asian couples. It helps them a lot to just discuss it and find mutual recognition.

Claude and Corina guide this in a very nice way. It has really had a blessing effect in our church.

Response from ICF Rotterdam-Zuid (Pastor Coen Legemaate):

It seems obvious to me why other churches should also invest in this. You can do so much at the front end of problems… It starts with the fact that by participating in such a training you indicate to each other that you consider each other worthy..

Contact office@icpnetwork.nl or call Corina (0628812666) for more information.