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ICP Worship Training

“God is intercultural in Himself, so true worship cannot but be intercultural.”


A training on location and in coordination with the local pastor and leaders. A maximum period of 6 months in which group training and personal guidance is given in various forms and at various times.


The training is intended for the worship team, but can also be given to a leadership team. Anyone involved in worship in the local church will benefit from this training.


At the request of a local church (via the pastor, leadership team or worship team) a plan is made based on the needs and learning areas of the team and any individual learning trajectories are also mapped out. Various trainers can be deployed and during the process, evaluation and adjustments are made, if necessary.

Songs2Serve Training Day

Songs2Serve and ICP NL have been organizing the S2S Training Day for years; a unique training for intercultural worship teams and anyone who wants to learn more about intercultural worship. A day full of encounters, inspiring and practical workshops and much more…

Experiences of others

Read how others have experienced this training and what they have learned from it.
Discover what this training can do for you.

"This has helped enormously! Especially by sharing a lot of know-how and experience. Much more was offered than just answers to my learning questions."
Jos Slager
Pastor of ICF Delft
"We recommend this training to anyone who counsels intercultural couples! We thought we already knew everything from our own experience, but this training definitely had added value for us."
Nicci en Stephen Overduin
Pastors Church of the Nazarene Rotterdam and an intercultural couple themselves

Where and when?

On location and in consultation.