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1 February 2024

Intercultural Marriage and Marriage Pastoral Training

Why should a church invest in guidance for intercultural couples? In this article, learn about Claude and Corina Mushikangondo’s training and the experiences of fellow pastors within the ICP network…

In recent years, Claude and Corina Mushikangondo have provided training and workshops on the Intercultural Marriage Relationship and Intercultural Marriage Chaplaincy to pastoral workers and intercultural couples at various locations within our network. They are experts themselves 😉 and both have a lot of heart for God’s multi-colored church. Corina has completed her training (EFT) and is working on a booklet about Intercultural Pastoral Care with mixed couples.

ICP believes that the relationships and marriages in our churches are important and valuable to families and to the church. In an intercultural marriage the challenges can sometimes be great and then we can help each other. We would like to encourage all pastors and pioneers to pay attention to intercultural marriages and the care of this precious covenant between people.

You can contact Corina without obligation (tel. 0628812666) to investigate what she can do for you in this area.

We asked two pastors, who have worked with Claude and Corina, to tell us why as a church you should want to invest in this training?

Response from ICF Utrecht (Pastor Jasper de Kok):

We experienced this as very positive. Claude and Corina visited us once and organized one separate session from a distance. At this first session there were 15 intercultural couples present, at the second ten or eleven. This mainly concerns Dutch-African and Dutch-Asian couples. It helps them a lot to just discuss it and find mutual recognition.

Claude and Corina guide this in a very nice way. It has really had a blessing effect in our church.

Response from ICF Rotterdam-Zuid (Pastor Coen Legemaate):

It seems obvious to me why other churches should also invest in this. You can do so much at the front end of problems… It starts with the fact that by participating in such a training you indicate to each other that you consider each other worthy..

Contact or call Corina (0628812666) for more information.