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30 November 2023

Why the ICP Team Training?

What challenges do we encounter? What solutions are available? How do you work out what God intended when He brought forth the church? Do we really need training for that?

What can go wrong?
Church-being 21st century; it’s a great challenge in a challenging time! What can go wrong in the process of church planting and church building?

4 breakpoints:
Church visitor: “I didn’t intervene. I couldn’t connect with these people.”
Team leader: “I can’t get people motivated to take their place and work together.”
Church leader: “I have become tired. I may have carried too much alone.”
Outside observer: “They seem to be having a good time together, but it remains a small club and what are they actually talking about?”

The church is a living body; always movement, always growth, always new people and increasingly deeply rooted members. At least, that’s how we’d like to see it.

What does the ICP Team Training offer?
The ICP Team Training takes you and your team through the process of team building and community building over 2 years in 4 weekends and interim guidance. Four important themes are discussed, the themes that help us avoid the above breaking points:

  • Go on a mission together
  • Making disciples
  • Train leaders
  • Multiplying the community

Ready to start day 2024
The FREE starting day of the ICP Team Training will take place on April 20, 2024. All participating teams will start their training there, which will run from 2024 to 2026. But also if you are considering participating or if you are curious about ICP’s vision on team training and church planting in an intercultural context, then you are very welcome on that day and in the right place!

Register now for the FREE starting day on April 20 in Voorthuizen!
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