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1 October 2023

Theme of Inspiration Day explained

God willing, we will again hold the annual ICP inspiration day on November 11, 2023, this time around the theme Gracism – growing in equality. It will be an exciting meeting for all leaders in the church; not only pastors and pioneers, but also elders and deacons, youth workers and speakers are more than welcome. Spread the word …

Gracism was coined as a term by David A. Anderson, an American pastor and author. He combines two words: grace and racism. We know racism as the negative assessment of others based on origin. Grace can be translated as mercy or grace. Gracism is giving positive affection (favor) to other people regardless of and sometimes because of their color, class or culture.

It should be self-evident, but unfortunately we discover all kinds of resistance, prejudice and discrimination in ourselves and in others. Where does that come from and above all: how do we get rid of it? The subtitle of the book Gracism is: The art of inclusion. Inclusive thinking is an art that requires practice.

In that respect, intercultural churches are beautiful places. In a tense society, they form safe havens to put God’s grace into practice. It is precisely there that multi-colored wisdom becomes visible (Ephesians 3:10). So do not be discouraged, but continue to encourage each other to love across cultural boundaries, so that we grow in equality as true gracists.

Come to the ICP Inspiration Day on November 11 in Veenendaal and be inspired, refreshed and encouraged!