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6 March 2024

Review Regional lunch March 5

On March 5, ICP organized a regional lunch at Blend Bloemhof in Rotterdam. It was a wonderful time with 14 people in which we were also able to learn more about intercultural marriage. Corina Mushikangondo is putting the finishing touches to her book about ‘love between two cultures’. A beautiful, challenging and extremely important topic for the churches within our network.

Read here some experiences of pastors and pioneers who participated in the regional lunch:

“For me it was a meaningful meeting because I met some people from other churches in the network… I also found the introduction to the theme of ‘intercultural marriages’ useful, even though I have known Corina for some time and have heard her speak about it before. . There were also some new insights for me…”

“It’s a nice way to meet each other from different municipalities. I also found the theme very appealing and the way it was presented was nice. I am very curious about the book. I am grateful that I was able to attend this lunch and will definitely do it again.”

“Delicious lunch, very well organized! And it’s still cool to meet different pioneers. Very inspired by Corina and looking forward to her book. Definitely worth the drive to the cool Blend. Thanks.”

ICP organizes regional lunches throughout the Netherlands. For example, a lunch is planned for Friday, June 14, 2024 in Zwolle. Other cities will follow. The regional lunch is a great opportunity to meet leaders from all kinds of churches.

Would you like to know more about upcoming regional lunches? Then please contact us.