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6 April 2023

Review of ICP Team Training

Last weekend we had the second Training Weekend with 10 intercultural teams participating in the two-year ICP Team Training. In these two years, we meet four times for a weekend to learn and grow as cross-cultural leadership teams. In between these weekends, the participating teams can follow extra lessons and do exercises together via our Online Training Platform.

The theme of this second Team Training Weekend was: ‘Making Disciples’. Very challenging and stimulating…

“What a special time I had. I am impressed by the love of God the Father for me and I have received a renewed passion to pass on this love and that fatherly heart, to distribute it to all peoples. Jesus taught and showed us a lot about living with each other and sharing your heart so that someone else can get to know God through that heart. During the training weekend I became more aware of the fact that I cannot give what I have not first received. And that the genuineness of my heart and attitude greatly helps those around me to receive my message about God. Enough to ponder. And also enough to be thankful for.” (Reaction team member ICP)

We are very grateful that we can organize such a wonderful training together with the permanent trainers and voluntary employees. We are already looking forward to the third Training Weekend. But now let’s reminisce with a few photos.

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