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28 September 2023

Inspiration day November 11 presents MKIDK

Workshop “More Color In The Church and your church” provides practical tools

On November 11 in Veenendaal, during the ICP Inspiration Day, Patrick and Michele will provide a workshop on the material of Meer Kleur In De Kerk, interactive Bible study material on the themes of racism, diversity and reconciliation.

Christians are called to love and reconcile with one another, even across ethnic and cultural barriers. In practice this is not so easy. The theme of racism evokes feelings of pain, shame and resistance, also within the church. How do we start with real change? What can we do as a church? What does God ask us to do?

The material from Meer Kleur In De Kerk helps us to engage in conversation in small groups, to delve deeper into others and to grow in equality.

Workshop info

This workshop is given by Patrick and Michele, both working for ICP Netherlands. Patrick has been a pastor at home and abroad for a long time and is married to Janine from Brazil. Michele is also from Brazil and married a Dutchman. Together they know what it feels like to be a ‘foreigner’.

The workshop is intended to provide practical explanations about the material developed by ICP and how it can be used in a study group or home small group. We go through part of a lesson together, to let everyone experience what MKIDK is all about.

Want to know more about More Color In The Church? This is already possible via this link…

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