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28 September 2023

Extra Inspiration Day workshop added to the programme

Can a mono-cultural church change into a multi-cultural faith community?

Eric is Burundian by origin and has lived in the Netherlands for a long time. He worked at ICP and has a lot of experience with intercultural community building. On November 11 he will also provide a workshop during our Inspiration Day with the theme ‘Gracism – growing as a church in equality’.

Who else is Eric?

Eric Rufyiritana is the father of three children, married to Vanessa, lives in Best and, in addition to his work for the municipality of Maastricht, is pastor of Crosspoint Kingdom Impact. This religious community was originally Burundian, but was captivated by the intercultural vision of being church. Through a challenging and fruitful process, the church changed and became open to a greater diversity of believers.

Eric’s workshop during the ICP Inspiration Day

In this workshop Eric explains what he and his team have done to transform a mono-cultural church into a multicultural faith community. In addition to an inspiring story, participants also receive three practical tips to apply in practice.

Other workshops on November 11

During the Inspiration Day there will be two workshop rounds, in which you can always choose from different workshops. The following themes are already known:

Michele Atsma and Patrick van der Plaat – Small group material ‘More color in the church’
Rien van der Toorn – Why equality?
Maurice San-a-Jong – Church and slavery, then and now
Brooklyn Mozes – Spoken Word put to practice in the church

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