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26 January 2024

Donkey Mobile App has a connecting effect

The rumor is going around that the mobile phone can never be banned from our earthly lives… 😉 and that as a church in the 21st century we can use what God offers us to make Jesus visible on earth.

This means that we are open to all opportunities to grow towards unity, to connect with each other, to connect in a way that shows that God truly loves everyone and does not exclude anyone from His family.

Donkey Mobile offers an app for churches that contributes to these goals. A virtual place where you can stay up to date with church news, where you can find schedules, have conversations, make appointments and meet new people. There are already a number of churches within the ICP network that use the Donkey Mobile app.

In ICF-Rotterdam-Zuid they recently started using the app, but the response is already very positive.

Rev Rev. Coen Legemaate of ICF Rotterdam-Zuid said the following:
“I am very happy with the first two weeks. It is beautiful to see how brothers and sisters motivate each other and share their lives. Thanks to Donkey Mobile for all the guidance and many blessings in everything that comes!”

Would you like more information about this app for churches or do you have questions for pastors who are already using the app? Please contact us at

Also check out the Donkey Mobile website for more information or to contact them.