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1 January 2024

Five Step Tour Missionary Living

How do you shape a missionary lifestyle in the neighborhood where you live and the network you are part of? Hans and Carolien Euser moved to Rotterdam with this question and found answers that are relevant in many other contexts. . They have developed a tour in which they provide insight into their own learning process based on a number of principles and provide tools for everyday missionary practice.

The program consists of the following ingredients:

  1. A visit to BLEND where business, care and meaning are combined for the flourishing of the neighborhood. You start with a delicious coffee + cake and the origin story.
  2. Then follows a walk through the neighborhood in which the five steps to missionary life are explained from Luke 10. We read, listen and let ourselves be inspired.
  3. We end in BLEND for an evaluation and reflection: what do we take with us to our own place and how do we apply the discovered principles in practice?

The duration of the tour is 2 hours and can be planned in consultation. Can possibly be expanded with a lunch or dinner on location. BLEND’s address is Lange Hilleweg 220A in Rotterdam and the neighborhood we explore is called Bloemhof. Number of participants: 5-25. Costs per participant: 25 euros incl. coffee or tea and cake. A lunch can be booked from 10 euros per person.

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