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Seven keys to intercultural communities

This training provides seven keys to building an intercultural community. You will develop a biblical vision of intercultural churchness, discover how to deal with theological and cultural diversity and learn how to handle intercultural conflict and break down spiritual strongholds.


The seven keys are intended for anyone who wants to help build a colorful church. Whether you lead a large group or are part of a small group, if you are open to learning about building an intercultural community, you are welcome.


Each 1.5-hour training session consists of a part of information and inspiration through education and a part of intervision through discussion in small groups. If you are unable to attend, it is possible to view the recording so that you do not miss anything.

Experiences of others

Read how others have experienced this training and what they have learned from it.
Discover what this training can do for you.

"It gives us new insights and inspiration."
Elly Volkerink
Initiator of Faith in Language, Zwolle:
"You meet others who are also looking for an intercultural connection."
Bram Robbertsen
Pioneer and pastor of Goud op Zondag, Rotterdam:
“This training has a Biblical basis and is very practical. "
Eszter Bruining
Writer ICP bible study material for non-native speakers:

Where and when?

Twice a year online. Training on location is possible. Overige data zijn: 8, 15, 22 en 29 november en 6 en 13 december.
The training is offered online twice a year. Training can be provided on location upon request.