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Pastoral care voor mixed couples

Claude and Corina Mushikangondo have been providing training courses on pastoral care to intercultural couples and training courses for people in a culturally mixed relationship for years. Together with ICP, they now offer the training in a new form, in which both groups are trained together.


The new form we offer is briefly explained in dit artikel. We are developing the concept, so ask us for more info for the details of the training via

Who and how?

The training is intended for pastoral workers and intercultural couples at the same time. The training consists of two sessions on location. The location is determined in consultation with all participants.

Experiences of others

Read how others have experienced this training and what they have learned from it.
Discover what this training can do for you.

"This has helped enormously! Especially by sharing a lot of know-how and experience. Much more was offered than just answers to my learning questions."
Jos Slager
Pastor of ICF Delft
"We recommend this training to anyone who counsels intercultural couples! We thought we already knew everything from our own experience, but this training definitely had added value for us."
Nicci en Stephen Overduin
Pastors Church of the Nazarene Rotterdam and an intercultural couple themselves

Where and when?

The new form of training is offered on request. For example, it is possible to receive the training as a municipality on location. Date and location will take place in consultation.