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29 June 2023

First reactions to More color in the church

On May 27th we launched our latest project ‘More color in the church’. We are happy with the first reactions to the interactive small group material that we have so much faith in. We may grow together in equality, as a church and as individuals. Grateful that people are blessed.

Below you can read a few reactions from people who have seen and used the material for the first time in recent weeks.

Small group member Anne: “Last night we discussed part 1 of the series as small group. I was positively surprised; how good to discuss this topic together! It immediately got me thinking. I look forward to the next evenings! ”

Pastor intercultural church: “… the material is beautiful in terms of design, working methods and content. … We hope and pray that it will be a great blessing for the church in NL!”

A few reactions from a discussion group that has already taken the first lesson together:

This really gives a lot of (new) insights.
Brings the subject closer by empathizing.
The conversation with Hans and Sara was especially impressive.
What it does to someone when you have to look for new things in a new country your identity.

Have you already ordered the material? It is currently only available in Dutch, but we are already working on the English version. Go to the website of More color in the church and order for FREE!