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31 January 2023

April 15 – ICP Worship Vision morning in Veenendaal

Thinking, growing and sharing vision together during an inspiring and encouraging vision morning with ICP.

In God’s eyes, there is no obstacle to being completely one as a culturally diverse church, in Jesus and through His Spirit. ICP believes that worship in spirit and truth is a key to our growth towards unity in diversity. We also believe that as a network and as churches in the Netherlands we can help and inspire each other to be a strong worshiping colorful church, where Jesus is visible in all His glory.

In the coming season we will organize a number of regional vision mornings for the leaders and the worship teams in the ICP network. (But of course, interested parties from outside the network are also welcome.) On April 15 in Veenendaal. Then we are guests at ICF Veenendaal.

Practical info ICP Worship Vision morning in Veenendaal

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023
Location: ICF Veenendaal, De Grote Pekken 3, 3901 JB, Veenendaal
Time: 10am to 2pm
Program: worship, teaching, into depth together with your team, lunch
Costs: €9.50 p/p

Order your tickets now, preferably together with your team! Then you get the most out of this day. But that is of course not a condition to participate.