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2 June 2023

5 questions to Godwin

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Are you curious about what the Network Day will bring us? We asked Godwin Arhin a few personal questions, so that we can get to know one of the keynote speakers a little better.

1. Can you tell us about your family?

My family currently consists of my wife and daughter and 4 foster children.
We have a nice but busy life and really have to plan everything, otherwise it won’t happen. We love adventure but can also enjoy the silence.

2. Which family tradition is most precious to you?

We think it’s important to eat together!
During dinner we discuss the day and then find out about the fun and sometimes less fun things that happened on the day.

3. In which language do you prefer to worship God?

Preferably in Dutch.
Although I speak English very well, it is still very nice to be able to worship God in Dutch and especially on songs by Eline Bakker. (Jezus overwinnaar)

4. What is your favorite Bible verse?

Job 8:7 And though your past was insignificant, your future will be all the greater.

5. As involved in ‘More color in the church’; what do you hope the material of ‘More color in the church’ will bring about?

I hope that people become more aware of the multi-colored love of God and that we can really love our neighbor as ourselves. For through mutual love people will know and see that we are His followers.

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