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Learn everything about Persian culture

The Iranian Sara Mohi, together with Hans Euser, will explain the Iranian and Afghan culture in three sessions. You learn about customs and practices, you discover how to share the gospel, and you develop a healthy view of being church with Eastern cultures. Special attention will be given to the discussion with Muslims about the Trinity.


The training is intended for anyone dealing with people of Iranian and Afghan descent. If you are open to learn more about Persian culture, you are welcome.


Each training session lasts 1.5 hours, with space for education and mutual meeting.

Experiences of others

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“Through this course I gained a lot more insight into the other normal of Iran and Afghanistan. All this through the eyes of enthusiastic insider Sara. Really worth your time!”
Martijn van Driel
Involved in LEEF! Rotterdam South

Where and when?

The training is offered online once a year.