Interactive Bible study More color in the church

Intercultural Church Plants (ICP) Netherlands comes with a three-part online Bible study, ‘More color in the church’. The interactive material is suitable for small groups in the church. The series of studies will be presented during Opwekking and will be available via the website

Working together on racism, diversity and reconciliation

Christians are called to love and reconcile with one another, even across ethnic and cultural barriers. In practice this is not so easy. The theme of racism evokes feelings of pain, shame and resistance, also within the church. How do we initiate real change?

ICP Nederland has developed an interactive series in collaboration with presenter and creative Godwin Arhin and media house Living Image. The three-part small group material challenges the participants to actively work in small groups from a Biblical perspective on the themes of racism, diversity and reconciliation. More color in the church will be launched during the Opwekking Conference on Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 10 p.m. on the main stage.

Interactive and personal small group material

With this small group material you are assured of a number of fascinating, varied sessions, without having to spend a lot of time on preparation. In this way you can delve into this difficult subject in an accessible way.

This small group material is:

  • personal: the theme is treated by people who share their own experience about diversity and racism;
  • professional: the material has been developed based on years of experience with the theme and in collaboration with an educationalist;
  • interactive: video, Bible study, assignments and podcasts alternate and encourage the group to actively get to work.

With the online series, ICP will make a small group leader’s manual available on the website. The material can be started at any time from May 27.

Intercultural Church Plants Nederland

Intercultural Church Plants Nederland is een netwerk van interculturele kerken in Nederland. De missie van ICP is om – vanuit een profetische roeping – met kerken op weg te gaan richting culturele en etnische veelkleurigheid binnen de gemeentes. Dit doet ICP NL onder andere door het organiseren van trainingsdagen voor voorgangers, leiderschaps- en aanbiddingsteams, door begeleiding en intervisie, door het geven van preekbeurten en workshops etc. ICP Nederland werkt in verschillende verbanden samen met, en weet zich ondersteund door, onder andere de Protestantse Kerk van Nederland, Stichting Opwekking, Micha Nederland en SKIN. Het project is financieel mogelijk gemaakt door Verre Naasten en Missiefonds, de commissie missionaire steunverlening van de Nederlandse gereformeerde kerken, door Opwekking en door fonds Kerk en Wereld.


Note for editors

For more information, please contact Hans Euser, director and network leader of ICP Nederland by e-mail or by telephone 06-36015061.

Meet Patrick

As of May 1, ICP core team has a new member: Patrick van der Plaat. He introduces himself to you…

Let me introduce myself. I am Patrick van der Plaat. Together with my wife Janine and our three children, Joshua (20), Rebecca (18) and Sara (13), we are back after not living in the Netherlands for many years. Originally I do not come from a religious family, but I got to know God at a somewhat later age. After a search I eventually ended up at a bible school in Veenendaal (ETH) where I was prepared to lead the church as a pastor. During that period I also met my wife who is from Brazil. This soon led to a marriage in which our three children were born.

Over the past twenty years, I have lived and worked abroad for more than fifteen, mostly in the role of pastor for the Church of the Nazarene. Having lived in both Brazil and Australia as a family, the multicultural has simply become part of who we are. That also made the step to ICP a logical one for me. Besides the fact that my family is multicultural, I also like to see more and more color in the church and to be able to contribute to it..

In addition to being a pastor, I am also a writer and I love making music. I think it would be very nice to work with you within the ICP network and to share some of my cultural experiences.

As ICP we are very grateful for the arrival of Patrick. We look forward to a fun and fruitful collaboration!

Join Gave at youth camp this summer

Are you or do you know a (refugee) young person? A warm welcome to the Gave camps 2023. You will experience an unforgettable holiday week with young people from different cultures. Together you get to know God and each other better through sports, games and other activities.

No matter how different we are, Muslim or Christian, Dutch or African – we spend a midweek together around a camp in Lunteren.

What do you do at Gave camp?

  • Chill out in a beautiful camp house and nice environment;
  • Exercising together;
  • Game activities;
  • Learning from each other’s culture;
  • Deepening in God through Bible study and conversation.

The holiday week is relaxing and fun. One refugee youth said: “This is my only stress-free week.” In addition, the camp is also educational and even a life-changing experience. “The refugees who had a firm faith in God were an example to me,” said a Dutch participant.

For refugee and Dutch youth

Refugee youth and Dutch youth are coming along. Everyone speaks Dutch or English. We organize camps in different age categories:

13-16 years17-23 years24-30 years
July 31-August 5July 31-August 5August 14-19
7-12 August7-12 August 
 August 14-19 

Where can I register?

Sign in via the Gave Foundation website.. Or invite young people in your area using the Gave camps flyer.

Impression Gave-camps: