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19 mei 2022

9 juni Webinar met Nicky Gumbel en Theo Visser

Conversation about “starting new missional communities and church planting”

Dear friends, 

On June 9th, I will be participating in a webinar with Nicky Gumbel, the founder of Alpha, talking about the topic of starting new missional communities and church planting. 

This post-pandemic season is a time of amazing opportunity to see a new movement of church planting across Europe. Neighbourhoods and communities need people to share with them the love of Jesus and the hope that comes from faith in Christ! 

Alpha’s reputation and role in the gathering of seekers is internationally renowned. So, what a thrill it will be for me to share some time talking to Nicky Gumbel one-on-one about the way Alpha has been used to start missional communities around the world. 

Please join me for this exciting event! You can register HERE to attend.

Throughout the webinar, you will hear me mention the importance of the ADVANCE! Conference hosted each year by ICP Europe. I invite you to read more about the conference here, and as you watch the webinar, I pray you will feel a stirring to attend ADVANCE! 2022 to learn more about your vital role and the need for missional communities within Europe. 

On behalf of the ICP team, 

Theo Visser