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3 March 2023

Interview in ‘Naast’

Next season ICP will pay a lot of attention to the subject of racism. Do we see that in our environment? What can we do as a church? How colorful is our church really?

Gracism is a wonderful term, coined by Dr. David Anderson who wrote a fascinating book about it with the same name. The word consists of two English concepts: racism and grace. Taken together they mean, in the words of the author: “Extending positive favor to other people regardless of, and sometimes because of, their color, class, or culture.”

There is a lot of talking and thinking about the celebration of the abolition of slavery, a lot of discussion about racism and perhaps too little listening to each other.

This season we as ICP pay extra attention to it. We are developing interactive materials that can start a conversation about it in the church. During Opwekking 2023 we can highlight this in a program on the main stage. We look to the media to draw attention to it, like the magazine Naast that recently published an interview.

Also look at the Distant Relatives website for more information on these topics.

Are you a pastor and do you want to know more about this subject or how you can discuss this with your church? Do you know that you are welcome during the ICP Network morning on March 17 in Utrecht. Want to know more or register? Click on the button below.

On June 17th we will come together again during a big networking day for everyone who leads in the church. Watch our website and socials to stay informed.