• Theo Visser, director ICP

    We see God’s Spirit is moving people to listen to His voice. He is motivating people to action everywhere in Europe.

    Throughout Europe we see new intercultural churches coming into being. We see all multi-colored aspects of society fully functioning in these new church plants. This is drawing increasing interest in this subject. The multi-colored church is the church of the future!

    Over 30 intercultural churches in The Netherlands alone have joined ICP. People from all manner of cultures are finding the way to Jesus!

    In Europe we see a network of intercultural churches being formed. These churches combine a lot of experience between them. They have given much thought to coaching. They developed a solid support system. They have reflected on a variety of subjects such as the implications of intercultural discipleship counseling.

    In many countries, in many places, we see new movements arising in which people from those particular countries set up their own intercultural church plant movement. We see opportunities to stimulate and encourage one another across borders and to watch this beautiful new movement of God’s Spirit grow and develop.

    (Theo Visser, director ICP)

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